Superficial Heat

Q: What is Superficial Heat?

A: Hot packs, warm moist towels, heating pads, water bottles and infrared lamps are often used to help raise the temperature of soft tissues directly below the surface of the skin.

Q: How does Superficial Heat work?

A: Heat applied to the surface of the skin enlarges blood vessels below the surface, relaxing tissues and can temporarily relieve painful symptoms. Increasing circulation and relaxing muscles is helpful before or after chiropractic adjustments, exercises, and other treatments.

Q: When should Superficial Heat be used?

A: Heat is recommended for the relaxation of tissues in spasm and temporary relief of the symptoms associated  with chronic pain and muscle tightness.

Q: Why is Superficial Heat used?

A: Using heat heat to calm tissues suffering from long term spasm or irritation is an easy way to increase flexibility, range of motion, and increased circulation to speed the healing process.

Patient Benefits:

  • Helps increase circulations
  • relaxes muscle tension
  • Reduces joint stiffness
  • Prepares tissues for rehabilitation
  • Widely available and inexpensive